Quito, Ecuador: Double Murder in Hotel heist located in Historic Center (Aug. 17′)

Posted on September 7, 2017 • Filed under: Crime, Ecuador, Ecuador Emergency

Well Planned Heist –
Double murder in a hotel in the Historic Center of Quito
lahora / (machine translated)


They had everything planned. Two criminals entered a historic downtown hotel to rob guests of many who were foreigners..

The buffoons waited until nightfall to attack the victims. They were willing to do everything in order to seize the goods of the place and the guests. Their plan was so coldly calculated that they even agreed to take the life of anyone who interfered with their malicious aims.

Two apparently foreign subjects were responsible for a massacre that was registered Thursday night at the hotel located in Guayaquil and Ambato streets. An Afro-Descendant, apparently Haitian, and the owner of the business were victimized by the evildoers.

As it is known, the killers arrived about a month ago to stay in the place. Apparently, everything was part of the bloody plan, because during that time they studied each of the hotel guests. The criminals knew the location of each person and the slightest movement of the workers. They also identified the site where the safe was located where the money was stored.

Lethal heist

Finally the time came. The antisocials rushed into all the rooms to seize the belongings of the people.

The buffoons asked the key of the safe to the owner of the hotel and the denial cost him his life. Those who were in their rooms and did not resist the robbery ran with better luck, because they were only handcuffed.

The robbery did not end well. One of the guests confronted the criminals, but they were armed with daggers. Opposing the robbery cost him his life.

Equal luck ran the owner of the hotel. The criminals asked him to open the safe to take the money, but the man refused and took the secret of the key to the grave.

He also received deadly wounds that left him agonizing on the floor. Although they took him to a health home, the doctors could not do anything, as the cuts compromised vital organs. (FLC)


Investigating agents of the Unit of Violent Deaths and Criminalistics went to the lifting of the bodies. Both were taken to the morgue of the National Police.

The authorities are looking for clues to find the whereabouts of the two criminals who staged the massacre in the said place of lodging. Read Article


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