Peru, gang of thieves and scammers posing as water employees in Lima

Posted on September 10, 2011 • Filed under: Crime, Peru, Police/Military Activity

Thieves and con artists are presented as workers SEDAPAL
Required to show their fotocheck, ID, and check the programming of these works by calling 317800 Aquafono .
Given recent reports of criminals posing as SEDAPAL workers to enter homes and commit their crimes, the company warning its customers not to be surprised. SEDAPAL, through his chief of Public Relations Ms. Cecilia Nieto said that the jobs running is mostly carried out in public like repairing leaks in water connections, stuck in the manholes or boxes drainage, control of waterlogging and other activities such as taking meter readings, inspections, closing and reopening the service. He reported that for cases that require entry into homes, notification SEDAPAL prior to its customers by letter, require workers recommending uniform fotocheck identification and ID, and / or verify the data by calling Aquafono – 317-8000. He warned that any worker SEDAPAL or its contractors are authorized to make charge for the work they perform. One of the most commonly used by the unscrupulous, is the scam, which is to charge customers money SEDAPAL exchange for meter tampering or repairs that will reduce the monthly billing of consumption. In this regard Nieto said that any tampering the meter is considered an act of vandalism will be punished by the Company. SEDAPAL The representative called on people to close ranks against criminals and fraudsters reported to the police. Read Article

Six members of a gang ‘robacasas’ which sought to rob a house in an exclusive area of Miraflores under the guise of workers Sedapal Police captured. Following a joint operation between the effects of Serenazgo Miraflores and police, the criminals were arrested ‘red-handed’ end shortly before the assault. Read Article

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