Past week in Argentina, Pure Hell – opinion

Posted on November 12, 2012 • Filed under: Argentina, Business, Conflicts, Economy

By Federico Tessore. The snare the dollar is getting stronger. Government officials acknowledge, the President insists on denying and meanwhile Argentine savers are seeing their capital is destroyed, unless they do something.

This was a hell week in Argentina, especially in Buenos Aires. Massive power outages, garbage in the streets, very hot, many demonstrations, strikes and demands for everyone. As if this were not enough, an unknown African country has retained our flagship frigate and a small but mobile American investment fund has debt in check Argentina.

While all this happens, Argentine savers who stay in their silver lose weight rapidly. Not only have investment alternatives that allow them to protect their weights inflation at over 25% annually, but also public employees, who should take responsibility for creating profitable investment alternatives, they laugh in your face.

Do not believe me? Let’s review together the statements of MP and former Deputy Economy Minister Roberto Feletti, the agency Telam, reproduced by The Nation:

“The Government ‘not revalidated every important economic agent who has plenty of weight to transform it into dollars to spend abroad.’

“In that regard, he said that those who buy the U.S. currency only ‘account for 12% of the population” and that the ruling “did not validate a scenario in which, in the medium term, the popular sectors were to harm.’ Read Article

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