Paraguay: In 2008, Sinaloa cartel attempted unsuccesfully to start base of drug operations

Posted on August 5, 2012 • Filed under: Crime, Drug Activity, Organized Crime, Paraguay, Sinaloa

Perhaps because of the fame that has the Paraguay to have weak controls drug trafficking and its corruption, Mexicans decided to travel the country to establish a base of operations, as in Argentina, the gang’s ringleader, Juan Jesus Preciado , was being sought by police. The Sinaloa cartel in Mexico planned to set up their base of ephedrine trafficking in Asuncion, Paraguay, however something went wrong, he stopped at a part of the network of smugglers and today they are all doomed. This story began on 22 September 2008 when the Mexican Juan Jesus Preciado and Juan Sevilla, entered Paraguay stayed at a hotel in downtown Asuncion and his accomplices waited Guzman and Jorge Almanza Leobardo Gaxiola Lopez, both Mexicans also. Read Article

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