Palestine and Iran in Latin America

Posted on December 9, 2011 • Filed under: Conflicts, Crime, Latin America News, Police/Military Activity, Politics, Terrorism

The growing involvement in Latin American affairs was a while back mesoorientales evidenced by the various formal expressions of support provided by all South America, except Colombia, through official statements to an eventual unilateral declaration of a Palestinian state. By Julian Schvindlerman
Brazil, surprisingly, that trend started responding to a key interest Palestinian obtain formal recognition to a hypothetical reality that should arise as a result of bilateral negotiations. Political figures strove to justify the action, presenting it as an impetus to the peace process. But she caused, in fact, the opposite, to provide the Palestinian Authority to obtain a political objective avoiding dialogue with the government of Israel. While the various reported varied to some degree in their content, primarily on the provision of the final frontiers of the future state-the fact is that, taken together, constituted an important Latin American support for Palestinian diplomacy. Read Article

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