Nicaragua: Festival of Santo Domingo disruption possilities August 1 through the10, 2012re

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Emergency Message for U.S. Citizens: Managua (Nicaragua), Possible Disruptions August 1-10 during Festival de Santo Domingo
Riots/Civil Unrest; Other
Western Hemisphere > Nicaragua > Managua
This message alerts U.S. citizens of possible disruptions related to the celebration of the Festival of Santo Domingo, a Catholic tradition celebrating the patron Saint of Managua, which takes place August 1 – 10 in Managua. The principal activities during this ten-day event will be a procession and horse parade on the first and last days of the festival: August 1 and 10.

Procession on August 1st – Las Sierritas Church to Santo Domingo Church
Large numbers of people are expected to gather on Santo Domingo’s main streets. This includes the street from Masaya Highway to Las Sierritas Church (New Santo Domingo Road) and the back road from Las Sierritas Church to Galerias Mall (Old Santo Domingo Road).

Procession on August 10th – Santo Domingo Church to Las Sierritas Church
Depart from the Santo Domingo Church (located by the Oriental Market) at approximately 6:00 AM, toward Las Sierritas Church.

Horse parades on August 1st and 10th
Depart from El Malecon at approximately 2:00 PM. The parade will continue through Plaza Inter, Tiscapa Lagoon, Rotonda El Güegüense, and Rotonda El Periodista and will end at the Holiday Inn Hotel. All traffic going through Rotonda El Periodista and ENEL Central will be redirected to La Pista Suburbana.

The U.S. Embassy has encouraged its employees to avoid using the streets of Managua’s Santo Domingo neighborhood from 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM on August 1 and 10. In previous years, large crowds have remained in the Santo Domingo neighborhood, particularly in the vicinity of the Iglesia Las Sierritas church, throughout the night of these events, continuing their activities into the early morning. Heavy alcohol consumption is expected. Traffic jams and other disturbances around Managua can also be expected as a result of the processions and horse parades. U.S. citizens should be aware of the possible presence of youth gangs who specialize in pick-pocketing and other crimes of opportunity. Read Article

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