Nicaragua: Estimated 30,000 individuals involved in distribution of pirated movie DVDs

Posted on February 26, 2012 • Filed under: Crime, Nicaragua, Social Issues

A smiley face is his brand. Possibly the largest producer of pirated copies of Nicaragua. Just as everyone calls it. Its headquarters is in the Eastern market. On a bad day about two thousand copies sold of a good film and can reach double that amount. In terms of revenue means between 18 000 and 36 thousand cords, depending on the day. The fate of this product are the streets, corners, parks or other places inside and outside the East, where people come and buy a 20 Cordobas each copy of movies. Of small red zinc-lined cellar out boxes and boxes. All DVD filled with the familiar smiley face. In those boxes are copies of the latest movie releases, including versions “original” films today are fighting the Academy Awards, and have not yet reached the Nicaraguan cinemas. Just get them. And guarantees its customers, which in turn are redistributors who “are good copies.” About 500 copies daily sold run movies these days that the awards in Hollywood shooting the interest in film. Read Article

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