Mexico: Prices for basic basket of food up from 100 to 157 percent, fruits, vegetables largest increases

Posted on September 2, 2014 • Filed under: Agriculture, Economy, Mexico reported the price of the products of the basic basket reported increases of 100 and up to 157% between the main cities of the country, especially in fruit and vegetables. The Federal consumer Attorney (Profeco) said that, in the week of 25 to 29 August, the price of the Hass Avocado recorded cost 25 pesos per kilo in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, while in Tijuana, Baja California, was purchased in 50, which marks a variation of 100%. The case of the lemon, the difference reaches 157%, at a cost of seven against 18 pesos per kilogram in Puebla and Tijuana. Tomatoes reports an increase of 114.25%, by offering is of nine to 17.14 pesos per kilo, in premises of Puebla and shopping centres of the city of Mexico, respectively. While the onion observes an increase in prices of 105.55%, going from nine to 18.5 pesos per kilogram between Puebla and the Federal District. When performing a breakdown by cities, records of the Profeco pointed out that in the malls in Mexico City the Hass Avocado was sold at 41.75 pesos per kilo and pouch with two kilograms of sugar, 27.14. While the kilos of onions, tomatoes and Seedless lemon reached prices of 18.15, 17.14 and 14.02 dollars, in that order.

Guadalajara, Jalisco, supply stations avocado offered 38 pesos; the egg and the tomato, saladette, 25 and 13 pesos; the onion, at 12 pesos, while the lemon and sugar continued in 10 pesos each. Read Article

Municipal Puebla markets sold kilogram of avocado at 28 pesos, the egg on 25, while each kilo of sugar, onion, tomato and lemon, offered at 10, nine, eight, and seven pesos, respectively.

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