Manta Ecuador: President in verbal spat with victims of earthquake begging for water(video)

Posted on April 23, 2016 • Filed under: Ecuador, Ecuador Emergency

During one of his visits to Manta after the earthquake, President Correa engages in a shouting match with a victim asking for water. At 2.30 in the video you will see the President clearly agitated at the crowd of victims and directs his anger at one man. He states: “A ver señor, estamos en emergencia nacional. Aquí nadie me pierde la calma, nadie grita o lo mando detenido, sea joven, viejo, hombre o mujer.” He is basically stating “look people we are in a national emergency, calm down, nobody yell or I will have you detained whether you are young, old, man or woman.” He then goes on to say “esperame un poquito” or wait just a little bit. After the engagement, he assures the crowd water is coming and they applaud him.


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