Guayaquil Ecuador: six people injured, families left homeless due to fire caused by fireworks

Posted on August 25, 2014 • Filed under: Ecuador reported the handling of fireworks in the José de Antepara and Manuel Galecio streets, in downtown Guayaquil, would have caused the fire that destroyed a House of mixed construction and partial damage to other two adjoining homes.

“The spark of a Fireworks game fell on the roof of the House and originated the fire,” said one of the residents of the sector. The tragedy occurred at 22:30 last Saturday.

According to Guillermo Ronquillo, son of one of the affected, Fireworks explosions were heard before the fire. While he commented what happened, his brother Manuel and his mother were treated in an ambulance from the fire. Man burned slightly arms in time to help out his mother’s House. She suffered a nervous breakdown.

Outraged, Óscar Orrala said that when the fire began called 911 to ask for help, but that supposedly operators delayed in coordinating with firefighters. Read Article

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