Guayaquil, Ecuador: 60 Percent of Crimes Committed From Individuals on Motorcycles

Posted on July 4, 2017 • Filed under: Crime, Ecuador, Ecuador Emergency

The proposed ordinance would establish regulations on the purchase of motorcycles and a strategy for reviewing the Police. / Ángel Aguirre reported (machine translated)

More than 60% of the crimes registered in Guayaquil are committed on motorcycles. Places, times and days when the cases are increasing were part of the diagnosis analyzed by the Citizen Security Council, to present Monday to the Municipality a proposal of ordinance that establishes controls to regulate the sale and security measures of this type of vehicles.

The initiative was announced by the Governor of Guayas, José Francisco Cevallos, and the manager of the Municipal Transit Authority (ATM), Andrés Roche.

Cevallos said that they are not against the good use of the motorcycle, which is a family, tourist and sports transport, but of its misuse.

He said that the strategy seeks mainly regulation of the sale of motorcycles. “You can not leave a motorcycle without your documentation, without your license plate, without your license plate …” he said.

Roche said that the proposal was drafted at the request of the Security Council to regulate, by ordinance, rules needed by the police to enforce their controls.

“The operations and efforts of the National Police are of no use if we do not eliminate a source of problems that exist with the sale of motorcycles,” said the manager of the ATM.

According to Roche, the ordinance stipulates that any natural or legal person who wants to sell motorcycles within their business must register with the ATM, as any car dealer does, to link to the registration system.

“If you do not link and sell the bike, it will generate a fine of about 1,200 dollars and closure of the premises by the Municipality and the Internal Revenue Service (SRI),” he added.

He said that any motorcycle that is sold must have registration papers and plaque.

Hourly Controls

Also greater controls are analyzed when two men go on a motorcycle at nightfall and dawn. The Governor announced that it has been proposed that the police have the power to stop all motorcycle, motorcycle, motorcycle, tricar and four-engine investigations with two male occupants from 16:00 to 05:00.

Roche said that it is not banning the circulation of two men on a motorcycle. “The proposal of the Municipality is open type, to be able to give this Security Council, at the request of the Police, a strategy of reviewing motorcycles …,” he said.

He said that if the ordinance is approved, the police are authorized to stop the motorcycle at a certain time and sectors, which are demarcated by the frequency of crimes, and ask for the documentation of these two men and compare it with their database if they have outstanding accounts with Police or Prosecutor’s Office.

Days before the governor had indicated that the schedules would be of 17:00 to 07:00.

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He added that later will be implemented that when enrolling the bike is contracted a satellite tracking service.

The proposal this Monday would be presented to the Cantonal Council to be reviewed, rebutted or observed. Read Article


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