Ecuador: Yasunidos subject of government intelligence (Analysis)

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Plan V
Analysis – Certain examples demonstrate the far reaching capacity of a State which uses its intelligence apparatus for purposes other than those for which it was designed. One such example is the monitoring by the Ecuadorian Government of citizens’ organizations such as the environmental collective Yasunídos, whose leaders were tracked as they undertook the constitutional activity of collecting signatures calling for a referendum. Another example is the development of files on journalists and politicians.

The Ecuadorian Government’s Intelligence Targets

One such file is from August 30, 2013. In the document, 14 paragraphs summarize the biography of María Josefa Coronel, presenter of the news program 24 Horas on the Teleamazonas channel. The biography includes her age; the identity of her husband; a report that she did not vote in the last election; details of her law degrees and lack of qualifications in social communication. The document also contains Coronel’s data from the Trade Register as an agent of a company; the registered name of the company; her movements abroad; and the date of her last trip. Also detailed are the shares held by Coronel, with data on the company from the Superintendency of Companies: its tax registration number; income tax data; and any judicial proceedings against the company and as plaintiff.

Monitoring of foreigners who support Yasuní
The National Intelligence System holds records on Seigmund Thies, Joke Irma, Gerarda Baert, Kevin Koenig and Matt Finer. Each record contains a biographical summary with the person’s history in Ecuador; and details of their telephone and email communications. Read Article


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