Ecuador: visits to Inca archaeological site Ingapirca up 11 percent, 29 percent foreign tourists

Posted on September 6, 2012 • Filed under: Ecuador, TRAVEL reported that visits to the Archaeological Complex of Ingapirca, southern Ecuador, were up 11% compared to tourist arrivals recorded in the first half of 2011. From 39,971 tourists visiting the place, 71% is domestic tourism and 29% abroad, the Ministry of Tourism.

Major visitors come from Cuenca Ecuador (27%), Guayaquil (18%) and Quito (12%), while foreign tourists come mainly from the United States (26%), Germany (13%), France (11% ) and the remainder is distributed among tourists from South America and Europe.

This information has been obtained from the statistics managed by the Administration of Ingapirca Complex, which is located in the province of Canar to 3,180 meters above sea level, and is the most important archaeological site in the country, the Inca remains still Here are preserved, encourage domestic and foreign tourists to visit.

The Inca fortress promoted since 1966, is built of hewn stone where the Incas worshiped the sun god, and waterways has served for ritual baths.

Ingapirca, which means “Inca Wall” was primarily an astronomical observatory of the movement of the sun and the moon, was also a sacred space dedicated to the worship of their gods built by the Incas on the basis of a first settlement Canari, who populated the Austro of what is now Ecuador.

This military fortress and religious only remnants of the walls, cellars, a ceremonial plaza, and another structure that was part of the temple built by Huayna Capac Ingapirca in the fifteenth century.

Ingapirca complex is known as “The Castle” and was a fortress, temple or shrine of the Canaris – Incas. Intihuaicu or Broken Sun, Broken Quillahuaicu or the moon, or face Ingañahui Inca Ingapirca and Museum as part of the archaeological complex. Read Article

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