Ecuador: Venezuelan tourists stranded, find access to credit cards blocked

Posted on May 16, 2015 • Filed under: Ecuador, Venezuela reported…They have no money for food and accommodation. They arrived in Ecuador last week and met with the news that their credit cards were blocked. Between Monday 11 and Tuesday May 12, 2015, dozens of Venezuelans went to the Embassy in Quito, at Av. Amazon, for help. Until 13:00 today there were about 50 people in the Venezuelan embassy in Quito. In the waiting room there was a baby and several elderly. One asked to bring their pies, as they had just drunk coffee that served on this day. What happened? From Thursday April 9, 2015 a new regulation governing (011, which replaces the 125), through which requirements for acquiring foreign currency for the payment of consumption overseas. In Venezuela governing exchange controls prohibiting the free buying and selling dollars. But citizens can acquire a credit card to travel to countries like Ecuador. Cash will deliver USD 500 in Venezuela, before the trip, and reach the destination that they can spend a total quota of USD 2200 with credit card. The new providence, 011, states that users must access credit cards only public banks. The problem occurs with those who went through the process with private banks


Nolvis Intriago, public accountant, 34, arrived in Quito early Thursday May 7. So on May 8 he used the credit card to pay the hostel, meals and taxis for the day. They were USD 78. On Saturday May 9 could not use it, it was blocked. “I have nowhere to stay, I still USD 10 and this decision is either eat or sleep, I have to both. It’m alone, I came to walk, “he said, and like other Venezuelans said:” We hope to answer Ambassador, you are communicating with the Foreign Ministry of Venezuela. I would ask the Minister, how much he pays in a hotel with a conscience so Venezuelans are going abroad “. As she has not done what providence says 011. She argues that not warned them of the problems that may have to travel to Ecuador. “On Monday I called the Banco Provincial, in av. Andres Bello, notified me that the Sub Banking sent them an email requesting the suspension. My husband (in Venezuela) went to another agency and was told that the decision was in the Foreign Exchange Administration Commission (Cadivis) “. The lady wanted to advance his return flight, scheduled for Friday, May 15. But he says he can not because you do not have resources to pay a penalty of $ 120 more. Read Article

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