Ecuador and Venezuela Receive Most Colombian Refugees

Posted on June 20, 2011 • Filed under: Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Paraguay, Social Issues, Uruguay

•Various studies state that over 2 million Colombians are living outside of Colombia against their will as refugees of violence, and there is even a day dedicated to refugees.
•State policies of Latin American countries promise these refugees rights and protections, but they tend to arrives in areas already ridden with problems.
•El Espectador’s article names indigenous peoples as well as people of African descent as the most affected by the violence within Colombia.
•The areas most affected in Colombia are Nasa, el Cauca; Awá, Nariño; and Putumayo.
•In Ecuador there are 54, 000 refugees and 27,000 people asking for asylum.
•In Venezuela, there are 3,000 refugees and 15,000 people asking for asylum.
•The organization ACNUR is attempting to have the refugees have the necessary documents in order to protect their rights.
•Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay are main destinations for refugees because of their socio-economic situation and are participataing in the Fronteras Solidarias program in order to protect refugees’ basic rights. Read Article

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