Ecuador: Unions Mobilizing Peaceful Protest March Against the Government Sept. 17th

Posted on September 8, 2014 • Filed under: Conflicts, Ecuador, Politics

Civil Protests To be Held on September September 17, 2014, in Cuenca, Guayaquil, and Quito

FROM WEBSITE: – What is the purpose of the march on 17 September?

Our goal is to confront the policies of involvement of government social rights, labor policy, the Code of Labour laws and decrees intended to limit the operation of social organizations, the defense of the unemployment funds of all workers
We also demand the repeal of the articles in the Penal Code pertaining to the right to demonstrate. We asked for the repeal of the items that affect the people in the Water Act, and lifted the requirement of CONAIE for a Farm Bill is given the benefit of the peasantry. We defend the peasant Social Security and we are against the announced lifting gas, which has been said to be from the 2017 and the aim of increasing passages.
We demand that the right to the profits of private sector workers, given that resources intended to affect workers, and instead respect has not said anything of the profits of big business.

A central issue is the requirement for public consultation in relation to the amendments sought by the government; all amendments, not just those affecting public workers, also term limits.

TEACHERS, BANKERS, TELEPHONE EMPLOYEES, JOURNALISTS, STUDENTS, INDIAN: What industry does not complain about government policies? It is as if the February 23, with the electoral defeat of the government, it had opened a new social situation. Teflon dictatorship smoke became. His uncanny ability to slip him the criticism disappeared. None of their proposals is welcome. Rafael Correa is no longer for many youth, but also embodies the past, the past that no one wants to return same old.
For now, what matters is to make the running of the 17-S in a first test of what the future will be the biggest national strike for democracy and freedom.

The unions seem to have understood this, and after the electoral defeat of the regime trying to beat the street.

But what matters now is that the call of the unions is opening a door for the people regardless of their politics beliefs express their discontent. If this continues, we will move to an even higher position, where it will be raised not only protest against some wrong policies but the end of tyranny.

There will be time for further discussion with the leaders of social movements and remind them that against a dictatorship unity of action is imposed. For now, what matters is to make the running of the 17-S in a first test of what the future will be the great National Civic Strike for democracy and freedom.
1 Remember that this is a peaceful protest and compliance with laws. Nothing violent acts. Nothing to fall into provocations.

2 Invite your friends, relatives and acquaintances, a few days before, to discuss progress. Inform them of the aims of the protest. Agree where to previously meet that day to participate together.

3 If you are an entrepreneur, suspends the working day at an early hour or reduces the activity to a minimum. Let them know ahead of time your employees and customers.

4 sites of concentration:

Quito, 4 pm, at the foot of IESS, across from El Ejido.

Guayaquil, 5 pm Centennial Park, Av. Oct. 9 and Lorenzo Garaicoa’s.

Cuenca, 4 pm, Parque San Blas.

5 If you live abroad, meet with Ecuadorian who believe in democracy and disseminated on the Internet a statement of support for the march.


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