Ecuador: Tourist Crimes Can now be reported online

Posted on November 12, 2014 • Filed under: Crime, Ecuador, Ecuador Travel

System to begin in Quito reported….ourists can report assaults, loss or theft of documents, baggage, etc., on the website of the Office. The initiative was launched today, November 11, by the State Attorney General, Galo Chiriboga, Patricio Ubidia president the Tourism Commission of the Metropolitan Council of Quito. Visitors can access the system at any time through the portal In the ‘Report For Tourists’ tab those affected have to fill the following fields: the type of offense they endured, date and time it happened, detailing what happened and identifying information such as name, passport number, nationality, email address and contact telephone number. Nothing, for the realization of the process are enabled English and Spanish languages, but are expected to integrate other time.

SAFETY AND SECURITY IN ECUADOR READ THIS BOOK Initially, the system will only work for minor complaints of crimes occurring in Quito. However, the results of the pilot plan to expand it to other cities in the country are expected. The report of the complaint is sent to the e-economy, after being receipted by the prosecution. This document may serve abroad to claim certain objects in your home country. Also, if the lost documents concerned, the complaint will let expedite the paperwork at the consulate in their home country. On the other hand, this is useful to the prosecution of Ecuador to keep a record of assaults and robberies experienced by tourists in Quito, information necessary for the compilation of statistics and analysis. Chiriboga also announced that an office of the Prosecutor at the Mariscal Sucre airport for care and receiving complaints of tourists affected will be placed. Read Article

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