Ecuador plans to implement a tax for online purchases from abroad

Posted on July 11, 2014 • Filed under: Business, Ecuador reported goods acquired by internet and enter the country through the postal system 4 x 4 (which currently allows assets of up to $400 and up to four kilos do not pay tax) will have a rate, said yesterday the Minister of production, employment and competitiveness, Richard Espinosa. After the second Council Advisory cited the Ministry authorities and entrepreneurs, Espinosa said that “the 4 x 4 will continue to exist” and explained that the system supports acquisition by electronic means for certain goods that citizens may be required.However, he said that you working on tuning the new collection. “I think that there should be a rate that which exists with any other good consumption that you acquire it abroad”, said. The official said no since when would be the collection, but said they hope to make the amendment next week through the Committee on trade (Comex). Like other payment transactions abroad who buy within the 4 x 4 system must cancel 5% of the total amount by currency output tax. The Central Bank has indicated that from January to may consumer goods acquired through the International Postal traffic and quick post became $103,1 million, while in 2013, imports came to $85.2 million.


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