Ecuador: Over 600 children reported making trek solo to U.S. to join parents

Posted on November 4, 2014 • Filed under: Border Issues, Ecuador, Social Issues, United States reported This year(2014) we have a terrible and regrettable sum that exceeds the 600 children who travelled unaccompanied”looking for their families, Vice-Minister of human mobility, María Landázuri told AFP. The number triples the cases reported in 2013.Son many, but no one speaks openly of “migrant children” because their families or friends know who travel illegally with the help of coyoteros (traffickers), paid by their parents from the United States. “I know of two children that were with coyoteros. ” With me the girl, the last one that was lived as 15 days (…) So will be, never mind them. It is very hard situation, very risky,”says a mother in Deleg, a town in Cañar, Ecuador Andes province most affected by emigration under anonymity. It is estimated that 1.6 million people have migrated from Ecuador for economic reasons, the most since the end of the 1990’s because of a severe financial crisis. United States, Spain and Italy are the main destinations. The fate o many of these children is unknown. Read Article


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