Ecuador: New Labor Codes to set Maximum Salaries, prohibit discrimination

Posted on November 23, 2014 • Filed under: Business, Economy, Ecuador

TELESURTV.NET reported new labor codes set maximum salaries, prohibit discrimination, and target precarious work among other aspects.

The first aspect, based on the right to stable employment, makes labor contracts for indefinite time periods to avoid precarity. Moreover, the first aspect involves the creation of a new legal category: nullified termination of employment.

Unlike the previous labor law, a pregnant woman, whether an employee or management, cannot be fired because of her condition, Correa said.

In addition, the new labor reform seeks to protect minority groups from employer discrimination, including senior citizens and people with other sexual orientations. “If you want to fire them, you will have to pay an additional year’s salary as indemnity,” Correa explained. Read Article


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