Ecuador: Criminal Route of Money Laundering, Gold Bullion, Influence Peddling

Posted on June 26, 2016 • Filed under: Ecuador, Ecuador Emergency

By Casto Ocando/ – A criminal investigation into a network of alleged money laundering, which mobilized hundreds of millions of dollars from Ecuador to the United States and other destinations through operations with gold bullion, he points to the personal lawyer of President Rafael Correa and other former senior officials of his cabinet, according to documents and sources familiar with the official investigation.

According to investigations of the National Police of Ecuador, a group of businessmen who controlled half a dozen companies mobilized more than 400 million dollars in purchase / sale of gold, without being able to justify where it came from the ore.

The Attorney General of Ecuador ordered the arrest of several businessmen involved in the police investigation, including Alberto, Javier and Jordi March Game brothers, members of the Spartan signatures of Ecuador and Clearprocess, two of the companies used in operations, and Gustavo Jurado shareholder. Entrepreneurs have been customers of Caupolicán Ochoa, personal lawyer of President Correa.


Documents of the investigation, which had exclusive access Vertex show how the Ochoa lawyer used his connections with high Ecuadorian government to favor entrepreneurs judicially detainees. One son, who was a senior official of the Ministry of Justice, also appears involved in influence peddling. Read Full Article

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