Ecuador: Contract Killings reported down 16 Percent

Posted on December 15, 2015 • Filed under: Crime, Ecuador

Assailants often use motorcycles in the carrying out murder for hire schemes.

After receiving a phone call Kevin Tenorio, 19, I rushed out of their homes on Tuesday, December 8th. The mother asked him where he was going, but did not answer, just minutes later had the news that he had been murdered.

Police said the boy was intercepted a few blocks from his home by two individuals riding on a motorcycle at the height of Avenue July 25 and Raul Clemente Huerta, in the south of Guayaquil. One of them pulled out a pistol and shot several times at close range by what was wounded, while the attackers fled.

Then they observed the fact people called the police who arrived to the scene found that three bullets had penetrated the chest of the young man lying on the asphalt, causing his death in seconds.


The parent told the soldiers that his son had been threatened previously, although the circumstances and the way they victimized, the agents suspect it may be a case of contract killing, which is being investigated.

The same day, at night, in the province of Sucumbios, Political Lieutenant General Farfan parish, Yadira Vinueza, died after a man shot him in the head.

This shocked the locals, as the news that a gunman had murdered the spread.

The first police investigations suggest that the murderer would be a known person who committed the crime for personal reasons, so the detectives already have clues to the whereabouts of the involved.

Despite the alarm caused by recent crimes, cases of killings this year decreased by 16% compared to the previous one, since, according to the National Bureau of Investigation of Violent Deaths, Extortion and Kidnapping (Dinased), to date occurred 25 cases of this type, while 30 were recorded in 2014.

Colonel Victor Arauz, National Director Dinased said that this kind of murder is under control by preventive police work done in the territory and the alternative measures, such as continuous operations that take place in the country to review the legality of motorcycles that are usually used to commit these crimes.

“The investigative units will collaborate to provide information pulling movement controls irregular motorbikes and people who carry firearms are made,” he said.

The official explained that until recently the gunmen came from neighboring countries, but lately have detained national cause.

The official recalled that the murder of Guayaquil businessman Gabriel Massuh Dumani, registered on October 6, 2014, was made under this scheme after the investigation the officers arrested the perpetrators Jimmy CG and Kelvis MT also arrested Luis QE, who handed the weapon, and Farid D., nephew of the victim, who allegedly paid by the employer for killing land problems.

“In this case all participants in the plot are Ecuadorians, who have already been tried in a criminal court and sentenced to 24 years in prison,” said Arauz.

Coordinated work

Col. Fredy Sarzosa, head of the Directorate of Violent Deaths of Pichincha, said the drop in crime of contract killing is the result of a coordinated work in 3 axes: prevention, made by the Community Police patrolling in all circuits country; The research, by special police units; and intelligence, aimed at identifying individuals or criminal organizations that promote violence.

“This work can operate in the territory effectively, which has meant a decrease in the rate of crime in general, homicide may not exceed 6 per 100 thousand inhabitants this year,” he said.

In previous statements, Colonel Carlos Alulema, head of Quito District Police said that the important thing in the investigation of this crime is to identify the mastermind paying a reward. “Keep in mind that the gunman is a means, this is not the problem.”

Alulema said that the assassin is not interested in the victim but to get paid, but this is difficult to prove why it is always necessary to stop the mastermind. Read Article

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