Ecuador: 24 Dead, 39 Injured in Bus and Vehicle Accidents in Fifteen Days in Four Provinces

Posted on June 30, 2017 • Filed under: Ecuador, Ecuador Emergency

THE CARNAGE CONTINUES -24 DEAD 39 INJURED in bus and vehilce accidents over the past 15 DAYS reported that over the last fifteen days seven deaths and twelve injured in vehicle accidents. One passenger lost a limb (arm) in a bus accident while riding in cooperative San Cristóbal, in the border between Pichincha and Santo Domingo of the Tsáchilas.

On Wednesday June 28 in the km 37 of the route Santo Domingo-Las Mercedes-The Banks. The police of this last locality, pertaining to Pichincha, indicated that the unit lost track and crashed into a ravine.

Between June 11 and June 29, 2017, vehicle accidents in the provinces of Santa Elena, Loja and Santo Domingo de los Tsachilas left 24 dead and 39 injured. Bus accidents alone of which there are three produced fourteen deaths and numerous .

Twelve injured were in the overturn of the bus of the cooperative San Cristóbal, that covered the route Tulcán-Quito-Guayaquil and that was about to stop in the whereabouts of Santo Domingo.

Yesterday afternoon, at Gustavo Domínguez hospital, nine had already received discharge, two were in critical condition and one in a moderate state. The medical director Katya Tinizaray indicated that the patients presented polycontusions, polytrauma and exposed fractures. A patient had to have an arm amputated, he said.


The Transit Commission of Ecuador (CTE) reported that on Wednesday night the 28th there was rain and fog in the area of the accident, which made it difficult to see the road that is used by the transporters as an alternative route to the Alóag-Santo road Sunday.

The tsachilla province was already mourning the collision between a Zaracay cooperative bus and a jeep on Thursday morning at the 33 km of the Santo Domingo-Quevedo road. There were five dead and 24 wounded. The passenger unit made several rounds of the bell. Travelers suffered deep cuts, but also mutilations, even corroborated a decapitation. At least 15 people trapped in the body were released by rescuers.

In Santa Elena, eight dead were recorded between June 11 and 25 last. Three people were killed. The other five victims were on motorcycles.

On the morning of June 11, two men were wound up on the La Libertad-Salinas road. On the 13th, a couple that was mobilized on a motorcycle lay lifeless on the road to Guayaquil. On Friday 23, in Montañita, two cousins who were also on a motorcycle died when they hit a bus from the company Citup. The community demanded to control the speeding on the so-called Spondylus Route.

On Sunday 25, another motorcyclist was hit by a car on the road to Chanduy. Later, a child was run over in Anconcito.

Loja counted four deaths. On Wednesday night, a woman died and three escorts were injured when a van drove into an abyss in the capital city. Hours before, they ran over a pedestrian on the Loja-Catamayo road. On Thursday the 22nd, a man crashed on that road. Another in the Gonzanamá-Catamayo. Read Article

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