Cuban Migrants Stranded Survive by drinking urine, others perish at sea

Posted on October 6, 2014 • Filed under: Cuba, Ecuador, Social Issues, TRAVEL, United States reported Cuban migrants stranded in homemade boat drank blood and urine to survive
Only 15 of the 32 passengers on board survived three weeks adrift in Caribbean before being picked up by Mexican fishermen. A group of Cuban migrants drank their own blood and urine after the engine of their homemade boat failed, leaving them adrift in the Caribbean for three weeks without food or water, according to survivors who reached the US this week. “I’m happy I made it alive, but it was something no one should have to go through,” said Alain Izquierdo, a Havana butcher, and one of 15 survivors of the 32 passengers. “No one stopped even though they could see we were desperate,” said Mailin Perez, 30, another survivor recovering in Austin, Texas. Their story is one of the most tragic Cuban migrant disasters in decades. Read Article

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