Colombian Authorities Take Precautions for Violently Overzealous Soccer Fans

Posted on July 25, 2011 • Filed under: Argentina, Colombia, Police/Military Activity

•Colombian authorities have been taking precautions for the U-20 FIFA World Cup and have shone particular worry for overzealous fan groups who have been known for violent tendencies in these kinds of soccer events.
• reports that certain Argentinian “barrabravas” (fan groups known for violent activity) are not to be allowed within the stadium due to evidence of their violent acts.
•The police are worried due to FIFA’s new policy to remove metal mesh fences in Colombian stadiums, which has increased fights between fans.
•Other precautions include cameras installed on the premises to guard against illegal activity such as kidnapping.
•153 officers will be specially trained to handle hostage and terrorist situations.
•55,000 officers will take charge of safety of the event and 15,000 of them will be in the 8 stadiums in which it will take place. Read Article

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