Colombia: route of transporting drugs on bus via mule, Medellin, Cauca, north coast

Posted on August 30, 2012 • Filed under: Colombia, Crime, Drug Activity

Police discovered novel modality for drug trafficking
Medellín. The police procedure was advanced in the northern bus terminal, where soldiers found two suitcases, 86 packages of marijuana with a total weight of 50 kilograms carried by an individual 21 years. According to investigative work it was established that this person had the task of traveling with the hallucinogen to the lower Cauca Antioquia, there board another bus to the north coast, delivering the drug and return with empty suitcases to Medellin to repeat this operation and complete all drugs traded between criminal organizations involved in drug trafficking.
So far this year have seized 10 tons and a half of drugs in the Aburrá Valley. Read Article

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