Colombia: Process of destroying drugs after they have been seized by authorities

Posted on September 16, 2012 • Filed under: Colombia, Crime, Drug Activity, Police/Military Activity reported that daily police operations, narcotics are seized, they are brought to the Prosecutor as evidence URI catching someone in the act of the crime of trafficking or possession of drugs.However, many people wonder what happens to the drug being seized? and how is the process of destruction?, so LaTarde, tells them what the process followed.
1. The drugs seized is brought to the Prosecutor URI, where he performs a PIPH test, also called pre-test, which is done in small amounts.
2. The substance will be special cellars where the prosecution brings these substances, waiting out the test results.
3. 3 grams is stored separately from the seized substance to be taken to the forensic facility or laboratory of the Office, to conduct a second test of certainty.
4. Laboratory results obtained, the prosecutor handling the case ordered their destruction.
5. The day of destruction, the prosecutor must be present and a representative of the prosecution to find that the substance was destroyed. Read Article

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