Chile: little know battle in archipelago concerning lobster harvesting

Posted on October 21, 2012 • Filed under: Agriculture, Business, Chile, Conflicts, Economy, Enviromental Issues, Social Issues reported that representatives of a foundation challenged before the authorities of the Region V operating a collection point for these crustaceans. In Juan Fernandez fear for exports. The season starts in October. More than 60 people depart from the island Robinson Crusoe, on a ship towards Alejandro Selkirk Island, to begin the extraction of locusts, which runs until May. In six months can get more than 150 thousand units, of which the majority is exported to foreign markets. This is the most important activity of the archipelago, accounting for 60% of its economy. This year, however, the islanders are concerned. The main distribution center of locusts in the Valparaiso region is at risk of being unable to receive crustaceans that send to the mainland and then export. Read Article

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