Buenos Aires, Argentina home to over 6 thousand illegal food vendors

Posted on August 11, 2011 • Filed under: Argentina, Business, Health

The capital city of Buenos Aires is home to 6250 street-side food stalls selling anything from hot dogs, hamburgers, fruits and vegetables, to homemade empanadas, fresh squeezed orange juice and a variety of local snacks. According to infobae.com, only 40 of these food vendors are legal. A law regulating street food venders was passed in 2004 (updated in 2007) that requires a permit to sell food and for vendors to comply with regulations of hygiene, maintenance and proper cooling equipment. Most vendors now are not in compliance with proper food handling practices, do not use clean water to wash or cook with and do not have proper cooling facilities on site for their products. The city has stated that police should treat those selling food illegally on the streets as they would anyone selling any illegal product.
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