Broadbarred Firefish Causes Alert in Colombian Caribbean

Posted on August 8, 2011 • Filed under: Colombia, Enviromental Issues

•The broadbarred fire fish has caused an alert in the Colombian Caribbean areas in the north of the country such as San Andrés due to its harmful effect on corral ecosystems and its consumption of other animal species.
•According to, this species has grown 65% in the last few months, and as its population grows, the population of fish species on which it feeds declines.
•Marcela Cano, director of the Natural Park McBean Lagoon de Providencia, stated that the increase in the commercialization of the fish must wait on the Ministry of Environment’s permission.
•Broadbarred firefish are safe for consumption after removal of the poisonous bones which can cause intoxication.
•The broadbarred firefish is also known as the pterois antennata or pez león in Spanish. Read Article

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