Brazil’s Corruption Scandal and connection with Latin America

Posted on February 10, 2017 • Filed under: Brazil, Corruption, Latin America News, Organized Crime

The Latin American connection in Brazil’s corruption scandal
By Patricio Navia


NEW YORK — The Lava Jato corruption scandal triggered an earthquake that radically changed the political landscape in Brazil — one whose aftershocks are still being felt throughout Latin America. From Peru to Colombia, from Panama to Chile, accusations of bribery, corruption and illegal campaign contributions associated with nine Brazilian construction companies, including Odebrecht and OAS, have exposed a weakness in democratic institutions and a lack of transparency concerning electoral campaign funding in the region. Though the consequences of the Latin American connection in the Lava Jato scandals have yet to be fully determined, there is an obvious need to introduce reforms to make campaign contributions more transparent and prevent bribery schemes in the awardings of public infrastructure projects. Read Article

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