Armoured Vehicles Take Over Drug-Trafficking Enclave in Río neighbourhood

Posted on November 29, 2010 • Filed under: Police/Military Activity

Río de Janeiro, Brazil

Armoured vehicles take over drug-trafficking enclave in Río neighborhood

Brazilian police captured the 240,000-person Vila Cruzeiro neighborhood , a major stronghold of Río de Janeiro’s biggest drug traffickers during a wave of violence which has claimed at least 30 deaths in four days. Another operation by the Judicial Police in Jacarezinho neighbourhood brought down seven presumed criminals. Authorities are attempting to end a wave of vehicle burnings which were an attempt to incite widesprreead panic. The raid, backed by seven M113 tanks armed with 50-millimetre machine guns supplied by the army, astonished onlookers, and was broadcast live via helicopter. The traffickers retreated to the mountains.

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