Argentina beef may begin beef exports again to the U.S. market

Posted on September 3, 2014 • Filed under: Agriculture, Argentina, Business reported the inspection and health of animals and plants (APHIS) issued two rulings favorable to Argentina, which recognizes the territory of Patagonia as “region free of FMD without vaccination”. That would allow that farmers in the area to export almost automatically. If all goes well, would open a new commercial phase between Argentina and the United States which ended thirteen years ago when the North American country estimated that you running risks. At that then us.UU. He decided to not continue buying Argentine beef since some cases of foot and mouth disease were detected.

That prejudice was very important for our country’s economy since many beef producers had overturn their efforts to soybeans since this represented a market with less risk. In addition the North American country was our main customer, factor that is becoming more difficult for producers to keep the livestock housing. When there is less demand, many of them went to finish giving away meat because there was no market to sell. Read Article

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