Antartica, Argentine and Swedish scientists uncover oldest known whale fossils

Posted on October 12, 2011 • Filed under: Antartica, Archaeology

Swedish scientists found in Argentina and the Antarctic Peninsula the whale fossils found so far the oldest in the world, and the first of its kind discovered in the continent. This archaeocetes has about 49 million years, which shows that the “semi-aquatic whales” became fully marine much earlier than previously thought.

The discovery was made during the last campaign Antarctic Marambio on the island (Seymour Island) near the Weddell Sea, northeast of the Antarctic Peninsula. The Argentine paleontologists found Claudia Tambussi (CONICET-Museo de La Plata) and Marcelo Reguero (CONICET, Argentine Antarctic Institute and Museum of La Plata), and the Swedes Thomas and Jonas Hagström Mors, both the Swedish Museum of Natural History, Stockholm . Read Article

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