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Expat’s Audacious Move to Belize reported…. Belize sat as a tiny nation of 350,000 people—roughly the population of Tampa, Florida—nestled on the Yucatán peninsula. “A thumb,” Christine said, laughing, “sticking it to the butt of the world.” As a former British colony, Belize was the only English-speaking nation in Latin America. It became sovereign in 1981, though it still remained part of Queen Elizabeth II’s vast commonwealth.

The country boasted a clambake of residents: descendants of slaves turned citizens, visitors turned immigrants—Kriol, Mayan, Mestizo, Mennonite German, Indian, Canadian expatriate—all now “Belizean.” It’s the place anti-virus software tycoon John McAfee disappeared to before bolting when he became a “person of interest” in a murder. As of December 2011, more than 420 US retirees receiving Social Security benefits lived in Belize; by last December it was 490. Read Article

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Latin America: Ride Sharing Apps big business, stiff competition reported but competition is stiff here for the San Francisco-based company, which often trails homegrown alternatives that use established taxi fleets rather than private cars, such as the Brazil-based Easy Taxi, which claims to have the leading application in Latin America. On Tuesday, Easy Taxi announced it was merging with Tappsi, an app based […]

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Philipsburg, Sint Maarten: Tourist dies while on diving trip reported…PHILIPSBURG – On Thursday December 24th at approximately 11.50 a.m. police were directed to Bobby’s Marina, where a female tourist who was visiting the island would be brought in from a diving trip and was not showing ant signs of life. On the scene the patrol learnt, that the victim was on a diving […]

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Rincón d’Olón Suites and Studios in Olón, Montañita Ecuador

Sponsored Post A wonderful place to stay in Olón (Montañita), Manglaralto Santa Elena (Guayas), Ecuador – Rincón d’Olón Welcome to Rincón d’Olón! We are happily accepting your reservations for 2016 & 2017! Green & pristine hillsides, white & sandy beaches, safety & relaxation, luxury & comfort; visit Olón!         Rincón d’Olón offers […]

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Guatemala: Every dreamed of sleeping in Che Guevara’s bed? Here is your chance, nine dollars reported the room of Che Guevara is small. No more than five square meters. No windows or air conditioning. A cot, small for the size of myth appearance, occupies the central space. Above is a loose mattress, a blanket of blue and white stripes, and a cushion ravaged by time. At that point, the […]

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Chile: Founder of North Face dies in kayaking accident reported millionaire North Face founder dies in kayaking accident: Doug Tompkins, 72, succumbs to hypothermia as waves flip his boat on lake deep in the Patagonian wilderness Douglas Tompkins died from severe hypothermia after his kayak capsized in General Carrerra Lake in the Patagonia region southern Chile He was boating with four or five […]

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Chile: Tourist from Belgium dies after falling into geyser while taking pictures

68 year old woman dies with 80% of her body burned. reported (October 2015) death of 68 Belgian tourist during last Friday fell to a geyser in the Geysers, San Pedro de Atacama, according to Radio Cooperativa was confirmed. That day, the tourist identified as Guillaume Margaret, 68, suffered burns over 80% of their […]

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U.S. tourist murdered in probable robbery attempt, Medellin Colombia (Sept 2015) reported an American tourist has been shot to death in Colombia during an apparent robbery attempt after leaving his hotel in a wealthy enclave of Medellin. Police say a 65-year-old New Yorker identified as John Mariani was assaulted Friday night when the taxi he was traveling was intercepted by gunmen in a […]

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Galapagos Islands: Number of visitors up five percent in first half of 2015 reported Tourism in Ecuador’s Galapagos Islands grew by five percent in the first half of this year compared with the record of visits in the same period of 2014, it was reported. A report by the Galapagos National Park and the Tourism Observatory of the islands points out that between January and June this […]

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Mexico City International Airport: Boeing 737 crash landing reported the landing gear collapsed on a Boeing 737 as it landed at Mexico City’s international airport, authorities have said. Emergency crews rushed to the runway after the plane’s left-side wheel strut apparently buckled as it touched down. The plane, operated by the Mexican airline Magnicharter. Read Article

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Cuba: Common Scams Played Against Tourists Van Der Meer reported on common scams used on tourists visiting Cuba. 1. THE MILK POWDER SCAM The scammer will approach a tourist and ask them to buy a bag of milk powder for them from a nearby store. After the tourist has paid for it and left, the local and the store owner […]

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Peru pulls out as host of 2016 Dakar Rally over concerns of El Niño weather pattern reported Peru announced it has withdrawn as host of the 2015 Desafío Inca and the 2016 Dakar Rally due to increasing concerns about a strong El Niño phenomenon. Peru’s Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism confirmed on Monday that the Desafío Inca motorsports event, also known as the Inca Challenge, scheduled for Sept. 10-13 […]

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Ecuador Relocation and Tour Services: Journeyman Jack

Sponsored page/post Whether you are moving to Ecuador or looking for an expert travel guide, Journeyman Jack of Ecuador can help you. Come see us in Ecuador with a touch of Southern Hospitality. Ecuador is my specialty.   Welcome to Ecuador! I arrived on September 17th, 2008. Quito is the Capital, right on the Equator, […]

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Ecuador: Student from U.S. recovers after breaking back in Bus Accident Marsden Christensen reported it’s been two years since Laramie Riggs was involved in a tragic bus accident in Ecuador, and the University of Utah alumni student is thriving. Riggs was one of 35 people who were injured in the bus accident on July 6, 2013, that killed seven when it lost traction and rolled […]

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Latin America: Four destinations where you can earn with a rental

4 Places to Own a Retirement Home and Rent it Out In these overseas cities you can purchase a beautiful home and earn rental income when you’re not there. U.S. News and World Report Renting out your home can give you an additional source of retirement income. By Kathleen Peddicord A retirement home overseas can […]

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Costa Rica: Tourist from france dies in boating accident reported a French tourist identified by Costa Rican officials as Aubers Nicolle, 49, died Sunday when the fishing boat he was on crashed into rocks near the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica’s southern Pacific. The man was traveling with four other people, including his wife, Lidie Nicolle, 48 and son, Antane Nicolle, 15. The […]

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Cabo San Lucas Mexico: Tourist from Canada killed as whale jumps into boat reported the port director in the northwest Mexico beach resort of Cabo San Lucas says a Canadian woman has died from injuries suffered when a surfacing gray whale crashed onto a tourist boat. Port director Vicente Martinez confirmed the 45-year-old woman’s death Wednesday. Read Article

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Tamarindo Costa Rica: Surfer from Canada attacked by crocodile

On the first day of his surf trip in Tamarindo March 6, Montreal native Val Muscalu was waiting his turn for a wave when suddenly he was ripped off his board. Muscalu felt something strong clamp down on his left foot. He remembers kicking out and swimming backstroke to shore, but everything else is a […]

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Romanian commits suicide on Avianca flight from Colombia to Costa Rica

The Judicial Investigation of Costa Rica (OIJ) announced today that it is investigating the circumstances that mediated the death of a Romanian named Costel, who apparently committed suicide within a plane of the Colombian airline Avianca.The preliminary report indicates that man OIJ, 53 traveling on a plane from Colombia and was accompanied by a woman […]

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Galapagos Islands, Ecuador: Looming Food Shortage reported the inhabitants of the Galapagos Islands did not receive 3400 tons per month of products, perishable and non-perishable, by decreasing cargo ships arriving from the mainland. This is estimated this Saturday, January 31, 2014, the governor of Galapagos, Jorge Torres. According to the authority, the normal supply of the islands should be about […]

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Ecuador raises taxes on flights leaving and entering the country reported that Ecuador surprise travel agencies with a new tax on tickets for flights abroad as well as inbound flights. The Ministry of tourism decreed, through two agreements published in the official registry, the collection of new contributions to passengers flying out of the country, as well as those who buy a ticket with […]

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Tepoztlan Mexico: Tourist from U.S. reported missing

Looking for foreign Tourist lost in Tepoztlan REPORTED: They seek a foreign lost in Tepoztlan He went to a spiritual retreat; the young American sent a picture via your mobile phone, from the place where he was. Hari Simran Singh Khalsa, 25 years old, originally from New York, in the United States, is reported […]

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San Antonio de Ibarra Ecuador: Woodcarving Village reported…Whether you are looking for a calm charming place to spend the day near the city of Ibarra, or are in search of some gorgeous wooden decorations and furniture for your home, San Antonio de Ibarra is the village for yo to visit. Having spent most summers as a kid going to visit my […]

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El Niño weather pattern so far not as expected by forecasters reported back in the spring, a number of experts suggested we could see a strong El Niño in late 2014, perhaps similar to the monster event in 1997-98 that upended weather patterns across the globe. That might mean record temperatures, floods in some areas, droughts in others — a huge deal. But in the […]

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Words of Wisdom for Current and Future Expats in Ecuador

Advice to current and future expats according to Coronel Borja told to Walker Lowry from the U.S. in the 1940’s. By Nicholas Crowder I first heard about Ecuador when I was 12 years old. My mother and father had given me a GE shortwave radio so I could listen to broadcasts from around the world. […]

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Ecuador: Bus Accident kills at least 15 along Aloag-Santo Domingo Route reported A unit of interprovincial transport of the cooperative Panamericana, with plates PAA – 8086, fell into a ravine at 16 km in the via Aloag-Santo Domingo. The accident was reported at 04:20, 8 November. 15 people died after a fall of 300 meters. One more person was killed, while she was transferred by […]

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Black Sheep Inn Eco-Lodge, Cotopaxi Ecuador

Black Sheep Inn is an inexpensive ecologically friendly hotel high in the Andes Mountains of Ecuador. The rural lodge is a perfect place to discover centuries-old culture and diverse ecosystems. Dayhiker’s Paradise: People come here because the Inn is perfectly situated in the middle of breathtaking high Andes beauty. The Iliniza Ecological Reserve, the Rio […]

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U.S. Citizen Murdered in Dominican Republic

SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic reported a US man 55 years old was strangled in her apartment in the capital of the Dominican Republic, authorities said Saturday. Police identified the victim as Van Teasley and said his body was found Friday morning. He was handcuffed and gagged. Authorities said police were alerted by a friend […]

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Ecuador: Over One Million Visitors first Eight Months of 2014

HOTELS/LODGING IN ECUADOR BREAKINGTRAVELNEWS.COM reported Ecuador is proving to be a very popular destination in 2014, with the South American country receiving over a million international arrivals in the first eight months of the year. Specifically, 1,009,665 foreign tourists have visited the Andean so far this year, representing an increase of 14 per cent over […]

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Buenos Aires Argentina: Torrential Rains, severe flooding, flight delays reported torrential rains and strong winds in central Argentina have caused severe flooding, damaged homes and forced dozens of people to evacuate. The Argentine capital, Buenos Aires, was also affected, with flight delays and cancellations at its two airports. The National Weather Service has maintained an alert throughout Buenos Aires province. Read Article

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Nicaragua: 71 confirmed cases of Chikungunya Virus

Rise to 71 confirmed cases of chikungunya in Nicaragua reported the number of positive cases of the chikungunya virus rose to 71 in Nicaragua, following the detection of an outbreak in a neighborhood of Managua, affecting 20 people last weekend, said today the Government spokeswoman, Rosario Murillo. Read Article

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Mexico: Three U.S. citizens allegedly kidnapped by police, whereabouts unknon

Witnesses assert that the three U.S. citizens were arrested by agents controlled by the mayor of Matamoros. A Matamoros police squad which is in charge of the security of the mayor of Matamoros, Leticia Salazar, kidnapped three young U.S. citizens, asserted the mother of the victims on Tuesday. Raquel Alvarado asserts that her sons and […]

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Espanola Galapagos Islands: Giant Tortoises population stable, danger of extinction over reported where once there were 15, now more than 1,000 giant tortoises lumber around Espanola, one of the Galapagos Islands. After 40 years’ work reintroducing captive animals, a detailed study of the island’s ecosystem has confirmed it has a stable, breeding population. Numbers had dwindled drastically by the 1960s, but now the danger of […]

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Peru: American’s death and cover-up, tragedy in the Amazon

(CNN) REPORTED: — Kyle Nolan did his research — his mother made sure of that. She didn’t want her 18-year-old son heading to the Amazon jungle at all — let alone, without learning everything he could about the supposed “medicine” with the bizarre name that he insisted would help him turn his young life around. […]

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Ecuador, Colombia: ORANGE ALERT VOLCANIC ERUPTION reported Ecuador and Colombia in orange alert for volcanic eruption Ecuador and Colombia triggered the alert likely eruption of Chiles (Knot of the Grass in the Colombian Andean Western Cordillera) and Cerro Black volcanoes (southern Ecuador and northern Colombia), after strong earthquakes recorded yesterday in the area. The Department of Risk Management Ecuador enacted […]

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Quito Ecuador: Chimbacalle train station symbol of strengthening tourism industry reported an emblematic landmark of Quito, the Eloy Alfaro Chimbacalle Station with its renowned Cruise Train has undergone extensive restoration to become a principal tourist attraction of the country. Under the international campaign All You Need Is Ecuador, the government entity Trains of Ecuador has undergone a revival in recent years. “We found a […]

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Mexico enlists strategy against Ebola virus from spreading reported Mexico, gateway to Latin America from the United States, trying to lift a sanitary barrier against Ebola on its northern border, poring deported migrants and repelling to cruise passenger Texas, where there is alarm for several infections. With still fresh in 2009 being the epicenter of the H1N1 flu epidemic trauma, Mexico triggered […]

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      Our Story I hatched the idea for Llama Expeditions over a home-cooked chicken dinner at close to 14,000 feet in the Peruvian Andes. I was on a backpacking trip with friends. Our group had hired a local campesino, Antonio, to carry our heavy items on his horse and mule. The first night […]

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EBOLA: Colombia restricts access to all persons coming from infected countries in Africa reported Colombia’s government said Tuesday it will restrict access to its territory to all persons who have been in Sierra Leone, Guinea, Liberia and Nigeria during the last month as a measure to prevent the arrival of Ebola in the country. Information outlined in the Colombian Foreign Ministry Radio Caracol require that national interests […]

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Ecuador expects 1.5 million tourists through 2014 reported Ecuador expects a 1,5 million foreign tourists in 2014 after the encouraging growth experienced by this sector from January to September this year, announced today the ministry of that sector. According to a statement released Saturday, the arrival of visitors to the country in the first nine months of the year increased by […]

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Bogota Colombia: Transformation of abandoned buildings

theguardian reported My Bogotá: booming metropolis, dangerous labyrinth, chaotic megacity. Its smoggy industrialism may shock those expecting to sip piña coladas in flowered button-downs; this absence of little cocktail umbrellas is made even more noticeable by the pervasive presence of life-size umbrellas, to combat the Colombian capital’s endless rainfall. For more than eight years, Bogotá […]

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Guayaquil Ecuador 1949 (Video)


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Quito Ecuador 1949 Video


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Video compilation of street robberies in sector Marín, Quito Ecuador


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Ecuador: Number of tourists so far in 2014 up nearly 15 percent

TELEGRAPHO.COM.EC REPORTED Between January and September of 2014 arrived in Ecuador 1.148.710 foreign tourists, representing a growth of 14.5% compared to same period of the previous year. Most visitors come from Colombia, United States, Peru, Venezuela, Spain, Argentina, Chile, Cuba, Germany and Canada. Only in September came to the country 112.767 tourists, showing an increase […]

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Playa Del Carmen Mexico: French tourist beaten, robbed by taxi driver

Fulano.infor reported PLAYA DEL CARMEN, Quintana Roo – A foreigner was brutally beaten by a taxi driver early Tuesday morning on colonia Colosio, and then had his belongings stolen. Sebastien “N,” originally from France, had bruises and fractures which required emergency operations. The visitor said he was on vacation in this tourist destination when he […]

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International Cycling Tour begins today in Tulcán Ecuador

(Prensa Latina) The XXXIII International Cycling Tour to Ecuador begins today with the participation of about 74 cyclists and 10 teams, covering a total distance of 263.6 thousand kilometers. The competition will run until October 18 and will be divided into 10 stages, of which the longest cover almost 200 kilometers from the coastal towns […]

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Nicaragua: Twin volcanoes in Lake Nicaragua are little known adventure destination reported Ometepe Island, Nicaragua — Gaze eastward from the shores of huge Lake Nicaragua, and they seem almost like a mirage: Twin volcanoes thrusting out of the water, one of them a towering cone of cinder and ash, the other jacketed in verdant jungle. Perhaps it was the clouds that shrouded the twin peaks. […]

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Santiago Chile: Thousands of Passengers impacted by transportation strike reported thousands of users of the public transportation were affected this morning by a stoppage of the operator of the Subus Transantiago, which saw nearly a dozen tours of the southern sector and North of Santiago. The strike, nearly half of the company’s 3,500 employees, left many people without locomotion, so you could see […]

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Mexico: Tourist dies after falling from eighth floor of hotel, intoxicated reported a Queretaro tourist was killed when falling from the eighth floor of a hotel located in Marina Vallarta, apparently under the influence of alcoholic beverages. The place was attended PV-235 patrol, as well as the JAL – 362 Red Cross ambulance and a fire brigade unit. According to the report of the authorities, […]

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New Airline route, Fort Lauderdale to Quito Ecuador reported TAME airlines of Ecuador is beginning nonstop service from Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood Internatioinal Airport to Quito Ecuador. Daily service will begin on OCtober 17, 2014. The aircraft used will be an Airbuss A320, with a 140 seat capacity. Read Article THINKING OF MOVING TO ECUADOR? READ THIS BOOK .

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Bromelia Nature Lodge Retreat / Healing Center Montanita, Manglaralto Ecuador

Description Beautiful and Peaceful Riverfront Nature Lodge (Montañita/Manglaralto Ecuador) and Retreat/Healing Center at the Beach, about an hour by horse to the Rainforest, minutes from the Ocean and less than 10 minutes away from Montañita ( World Famous Surf and Party Town ). The rates include breakfast, drinking water and transfer to beach after breakfast, […]

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Near Salinas Ecuador: Furnished Long Term Rentals, steps from the beach

Welcome to Paradise Enter the front gates of Casa Blanca Playa Cautivo and you are entering an oasis of tranquility. The sound of cascading water, the smell of flowers permeates the night air and the sight of fresh fruit dripping from mature vines and trees. The property itself is over 800 square meters giving everyone […]

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Cerro Santa Ana Guayaquil Ecuador, police increase presence to counter tourist crimes

More control and patrols ordered in cerro Santa Ana reported the nightlife in the Santa Ana Hill is a tourist attraction in Guayaquil; However, the visitors take precautions to prevent crime through the 444 steps of this place. One of the latest cases took place on 17 September when six young intercepted on the […]

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Galapagos Islands: Five tourists injured in bus (chiva) accident reported ECU-911 system reported yesterday that five foreign tourists are recovered, two Englishmen, an American, a German and a Finn, injured in an accident on a bus type chiva in Isabela island, Galapagos, last Friday on the route of the Sierra Negra volcano. They were going with other 13 occupants: foreign driver, a guide […]

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Las Palmas Del Mar Bed & Breakfast Punta Carnero Salinas Ecuador

Punta Carnero is a quiet holiday destination on the Ecuadorian Coast near Salinas. The average temperature of 82 degrees Farenheit/27 degrees Celsius make it a popular destination for those seeking awesome waves for surfing and boogie boarding and a more laid back atmosphere. Las Palmas Del Mar is located on a beautiful beach in Punta […]

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Mexico: Body of missing woman during hurricane Odile found, other Brit missing

The body of a British woman missing since a hurricane struck the Mexican coast last weekend has been found, according to local authorities. British couple Simone Wood and Paul Whitehouse are thought to have been sailing when Hurricane Odile hit. The Foreign Office confirmed one Briton had been killed in the storm. Mr Whitehouse is […]

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Ecuador border on Alert for Chikungunya virus, 1000 cases in Colombia reported,-more than a thousand cases of the Chikungunya virus detected in Colombia, set alarms on the border with Ecuador, where controls have been strengthened to its high probability of admission. The announcement of Colombian health authorities that there would be more than one thousand of affected by the disease, transmitted by the Aedes aegypti, […]

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Train in Cajabamba Ecuador (Video)


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Bachelorette Party from U.S., Safe After Hurricane Ordeal in Cabo San Lucas Mexico reported a group of eight women caught in the crossfire of Hurricane Odile while they celebrated a bride-to-be during her bachelorette party is safe. The group was supposed to return home Monday, but their hotel was partially destroyed and no one heard from them until Wednesday night. Read Article

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Horizonte Maravilloso Spanish School Ecuador

Welcome to Horizonte Maravilloso – Escuela de Español We are very happy to welcome you to the website of our Spanish school. Our school is located in the beautiful town of Otavalo, a small cozy place in the heart of the Ecuadorian Andes. About forty thousand people live in Otavalo, which is at an altitude […]

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Mexico: Hurricane ODILE arrives in Cabo San Lucas (Video)

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Bed and Breakfast on the Pacific Coast of Ecuador, Beach Escapes Inn

Beach-Escapes Inn BED & BREAKFAST COTTAGE Ballanita, Santa Elena Ecuador Beach-Escapes is designed to help you experience the rich local culture of the Ecuadorian coast with all the comforts of home. From shopping at the local markets to searching for Ecuadorian beach real estate, we can help with all your needs. Whether you want a […]

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Updates on Guayaquil Ecuador’s Airport and future development

Project Watch – Guayaquil International Airport Project Watch – Guayaquil International Airport Major revamp of the Domestic Terminal at Ecuador’s second busiest gateway. Project details Location: Guayaquil International Airport, Ecuador Important developments: Expansion of the existing terminal to 7mppa from 4.5mppa, includes new gates, concessions and passenger facilities. Scheduled completion date: Summer 2014 Principal companies […]

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Mexico: Driving Tips (1) In general, drive slower than you normally would at home. (2) The topes the previous posters speak of are not gradual little asphalt speed bumps…they are typically metallic cannon-ball-sized and -shaped abrupt speed deterrents stretching across the road that are designed to force you to slow down; they will exact damage to the […]

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Ecuador removes moratorium on Galapagos Islands for new hotel construction

GOAL IS TO BOOST TOURISM reported the Ecuadorian government lifted the hotel moratorium to build new infrastructure for tourist accommodation in the Galapagos Islands, said Tourism Minister, Sandra Naranjo. This decision “is part of a complete strategy. Galapagos needs to switch to a model of high quality and not high quantity of tourists”, Naranjo […]

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New Airport in Mexico City to Be Built in Two Stages reported the construction of the new airport in Mexico City would be made in two stages, said the coordinator of the Transport Infrastructure Committee of the College of Civil Engineers of Mexico, Jorge de la Madrid Virgin. He said the first stage, which would take five years, would have three runways capable of receiving […]

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Insurance for Americans and Canadians Living in Mexico,

INSURANCE FOR AMERICANS AND CANADIANS LIVING IN MEXICO MEXICOEXPATINSURANCE.COM PHONE USA: 480-634-4404 —————————————————– US Insurance Coverage You Can Trust. Our Expat Insurance has enhanced the way that Americans and Canadians buy insurance for Mexico and the quality of coverage that they receive. Our quick and user friendly online quoting system allows Americans and Canadian to […]

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Ecuador Relocation and Tour Services – Journeyman Jack

Whether you are moving to Ecuador or looking for an expert travel guide, Journeyman Jack of Ecuador can help you. Come see us in Ecuador with a touch of Southern Hospitality. Ecuador is my specialty.   Welcome to Ecuador! I arrived on September 17th, 2008. Quito is the Capital, right on the Equator, at 9,350 […]

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Brazil: Increase in Tourists Visiting Country Rises by 5.5% reported on September 13, 2013 that based on information from the Federal Police, the number of tourists visiting Brazil increased by 5.5% in August of this year. This year, 346,000 foreigners visited Brazil. Airports of Brasilia , the Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo reported to have the highest rates of entry for foreigners. […]

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Porto Velho, Brazil: Portuguese Travelers Detained at Airport for Smuggling Cocaine reported on May 30, 2013, that on Tuesday (28) the Federal Police arrested two Portuguese travelers at the Porto Velho airport for smuggling 4 kilos of cocaine hydrochloride strapped to their bodies. The couple traveled to Rondônia to purchase cocaine in Bolivia to sell in Vigo, Spain. Read Article

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Brazil: National Council of Justice Passes Resolution for Same Sex Marriage

On Tuesday May 14, 2013, Terra reported the National Council of Justice adopted a resolution to legalize same sex marriage in Brazil although the decision can still be challenged in the Supreme Court. The resolution passed 14 to 1. The President of the Federal Supreme Court, Joaquim Barbosa, stated this decision was an attempt to […]

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New Airport Quito Ecuador: 4 and 5 star hotels to use private companies for shuttles

Shuttle service for guests at hotels of four and five stars, will be held by private companies. These units replace the hotels that will cease operations from February 20. For private companies to operate from the beginning of operations of the New Quito International Airport (NQIA) , must have a provisional license. This will be […]

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Mexico: Authorities tighten control after infant is caught in human trafficking scheme

Authorities in Mexico are cracking down on the movement of minors after an infant was found in a truck bearing signs of being trafficking. Now, the National Migration Institute will not permit minors to travel without documentation. Even if travelling with parents, immigration documents must be produced for all children, Norte Digital reports. Inspections occur […]

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75% of Airline tickets in Mexico are for fees

The aviation industry in Mexico faces a high cost structure , which affects the domestic tourism is not quite competitive with other countries, according to the National Airborne (Canaero ). One example is that of the total amount paid by a passenger for an airline ticket, an average of 70 to 75% are fees and […]

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Rats confirmed with Hanta Virus in San Juan Bautista, Peru

Health, the regional health Loreto, three rats were tested positive for the analysis of the Hanta Virus. “Until a week ago we only had confirmation of a rat, but now we have new results sent, indicating that three other rats present the Hanta Virus,” said Loreto health director, Hugo Rodriguez Ferucci. Read Article

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Cusco, Peru: Marriott Delay Hotel Opening

According to the Marriott hotel chain has delayed their opening of a new hotel in Cusco, scheduled for June 2012. Maritza Montero, director of sales and marketing for Marriott says the budget for the project, $40 million, remains unchanged and that the construction and structure work was only delayed. Montero announced that construction of […]

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Baños, Ecuador: Kayaking Guides Find Body of German Tourist in Pastaza River

According to a group of 20 tourists on a kayaking trip with the Adventure Ecuadorland agency found the body of the German tourist, Jonathan Simon, 21 who was carried away by the Pastaza River while trying to cross the dangerous waters near the waterfall El Pailon del Diablo. The three guides of the group […]

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Cuenca, Ecuador: More Deaths Due to Altered Alcohol reports six people from the Cuencan parishes of Octavio Cordero, Banos and Victoria del Portete have died during the weekend and today, Monday August 15th from what officials believe is ingesting altered alcohol. Officials say the alcohol was purchased in Cuenca. Four of the deceased are from the same family and are believed to […]

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Ecuadorian Navy Finds Eight Tourists Missing At Sea

According to the Ecuadorian Navy Coast Guard Directorate of Esmeraldas found eight tourists who remained missing at sea since Sunday, August 14th. Officials say the navy found the tourist group at 8 a.m. today. The group departed from Atacames at 2:30 p.m. on Sunday for a whale watching tour in a fiberglass boat. Officials […]

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Ecuadorian Coastal Alert Lowers to Yellow From Orange

According to the Committee of Operations of National Emergencies (COEN) has changed the Ecuadorian costal alerts from orange to yellow. The new alert allows tourists on the coast to enter the ocean staying within the marked buoy zones and allows tourist boats to travel 4 miles from the port. However, authorities say the ban […]

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Quito, Ecuador: UNASE Operation Frees Rabi, Captors Demanded Ransom

According to the Anti-Kidnapping and Extortion Unit of the Ecuadorian police on August 4th, freed a Jewish Rabbi Yishak Tom Rotem Yosef after three days held by kidnappers. Police say his wife reported the rabbi’s kidnapping on the 1st of August when she received messages and a video in which the kidnappers demanded a […]

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Ecuador: Official Rule, Foreigners Requesting Residence Must Present Criminal Record

According to the Ecuadorian Interior Ministry has presented a resolution stating foreigners, over 18 years old, obtaining visas of residence in Ecuador must submit a record of criminal history in the country where they resided for the past 5 years. This announcement came on August 2nd in the Official Register N. 504. To obtain […]

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Belgian tourist tranferred to hospital in Arequipa, Peru

A Belgian tourist, who was injured falling down a slope in The Sangalle area of Cayolloma was transferred to Regional Honorio Delgado Hospital in Arequipa informed La The tourist, identified as Carl Carpentier (21), was rescued by the Unit for High Mountain Rescue (USAM) and is receiving surgery for a broken arm. Read Article.

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Peruvian Tourist Disappears While Climbing Snow Capped Pariacaca Mountain reports that Victor Raul Serruti, 79 years old disappeared while climbing the snow capped mountain of Pariacaca in Huancayo. Authorities say Serruti was climbing the mountain with a group of people, who returned to the town of Pachacayo to report his disappearance when they lost contact with him. An emergency rescue unit traveled to […]

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Peruvian Figures Show 27 Tourists Die Due to Cold, Snow Conditions

According to from 2010 until the present 27 tourists have died and 21 have been wounded in Peru when participating in alpine activities in mountainous areas. The chief of the Rescue Unit of the High Mountain Division of National Police, Marco Carrera Torres says the most resent cases in 2011 were that of the […]

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Tumbes, Peru: Colombian Tourists Accuse Moto-Taxi Divers of Stealing, Brawl Occurs

According to twenty Colombian tourists confronted a group of ‘mototaxistas’ who they accused of purse robbery after hiring their transportation services. Police say a brawl began in the intersection of Piura Ave. and Huascar Street in the city of Tumbes. A Colombian, Julio Jaramillo was injured during the brawl, suffering from two knife wounds […]

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Colca Valley, Peru: Belgian Tourist Injured After Ravine Fall

According to a Belgian tourist, Carl Carpentier was transferred to the Honorio Delgado Espinoza Hospital in Arequipa after falling into a ravine in the Coca Valley in the Caylloma province. Officials say Carpentier arrived in the Colca Valley yesterday, Monday August 1st, and was on his way to Arequipa when he fell into a […]

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Quito, Ecuador: Rain Paralyzes Mariscal Sucre International Airport, Floods Streets

According to Quito is being affected by paralyzing rain that fell yesterday, Monday August 1st, flooding parts of the capital city and affecting operations, for about an hour, at the Mariscal Sucre International Airport. Officials say the rain began around 4 p.m. Monday, adding to the rain that began falling on the city last […]

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Santa Maria, Peru: Young Brazilian Drowned In Peruvian Ocean

According to a Brazilian seminarian, Joao Carlos Junior, 17 years old drowned in ocean off Santa Maria beach this past Friday, July 29th. Junior was part of a group of seminaries from the Order of the Sodality of Apostolic Life who were vacationing in Peru and planning to go to Cusco. Peruvian police say […]

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Peru: Accident on Pan-American Highway Leaves 1 Chilean Dead, 8 Injured

According to an accident occurred on Monday, August 1st leaving one Chilean tourist dead and another eight Chileans injured. Authorities say the accident occurred at the 1,331 kilometer mark on the Pan-American Highway near the border complex of Santa Rosa in the Tacna region. Authorities add, the accident is suspected to have occurred due […]

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New York: 11-Year Sentence for 4th Assailant of Ecuadorian, Left in Coma

According to a New York judge in White Plains sentenced the fourth assailant in a gang attack on an Ecuadorian man to 11 years in prison on Wednesday July 27th. On March 15, 2010 Julio Serrano was beaten by four people, which put him in a coma for three weeks. Jarron Slight, one of […]

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Guayaquil, Ecuador: Cool, Cloudy Weekend reports that this past weekend the Ecuadorian coast has experienced cloudy skies and a drop in temperatures, which is supposed to end today, Monday August 1st. The Naval Oceanographic Institute (Inocar) says the coast will experience wave forces at 12 nautical miles. Authorities say the cantons of Puerto Bolivar, La Libertad and the Galapagos […]

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Ecuador: Pan-American Highway Transit Resumed Between Ibarra and Tulcan

According to transit was blocked on the Pan-American Highway between the towns of Ibarra and Tulcan, a sector called Chota Valley, at 7 a.m. this morning, Monday August 1st. El Comercio reports that resident of the Afro-Ecuadorian community of Tumbatu blocked the highway with tree branches that contained thorns to protest the governments unfulfilled […]

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Ecuador: Reventador Volcano Increases Activity, More Sediment

According to the Reventador Volcano located 100 kilometers from Ecuador’s capital city, Quito is increasing in systematic activity. Officials from the Geophysics Institute (IG) say sediments are accumulating in the volcano’s crater due to the increase in activity. A seismologist at IG says that there is moderate activity of the volcano and no cause […]

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Peru: ‘Safe Passage’ Safety Plan Launched for Upcoming Independence Day

According to the Superintendent of Ground Transportation of Persons, Cargo and Merchants (Sutran) launched the operation plan “Safe Travels for National Independence Festivities 2011” today, Tuesday, July 26th to prevent traffic accidents during the long Independence Day celebrations. Officials say principle supervision and control will be at major bus terminals and highways in Peru. […]

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Guayaquil, Ecuador: Assaults at Traffic Lights Worsen

According to in Guayaquil robbers are more likely to target women traveling alone for traffic light robberies. The Prosecutor’s office in Guayaquil say robbers frequent congested urban streets and conceal themselves among the trading stands in the median. Guayas officials caution people traveling on the avenues of America, Quito, and Juan Tanca Marengo, especially […]

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Azuay and Tungurahua, Ecuador: More Deaths Due To Altered Alcohol

According to, authorities in Azuay and Tungurahua provinces confirmed the death of four people from methanol in alcohol on Monday July 25th. Officials say this bring the total methanol-alcohol related deaths to 32. Health officials in Los Rios say they have recorded 20 deaths due to alcohol containing methanol. Cuencan health officials’ say three […]

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Lima, Peru: Looters Attack Journalists Working on RIA Novosti Project

According to three people robbed a group of female journalists arriving in Lima to work on the project RIA Novosti Expedition, as they were traveling to their hotel. The journalists say at an intersection a man walked toward their car and broke the window, pulling a passenger and the passenger’s belongings toward him. Then, […]

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