U.S. tourist mugged Mariscal area Quito Ecuador

Posted on July 17, 2012 • Filed under: Crime, Ecuador, TRAVEL

Recently two America tourists were staying at Posada del Maple bed and breakfast in the Mariscal tourist area of Quito Ecuador. The two women inquired about the safety of the area before exiting the hostal, and an employee assured them that it was safe to walk in the area.

After exiting the establishment they walked a block at which time two black men ages 18-19 approached them and one grabbed one of the tourists nearly taking her down to the ground when the bag wrapped around the victim snapped. The two males escaped and the victims chased them while screaming and yelling. They then went to a police station and claim the police would not take a report.

Two officers were escorting the two American tourists home when they observed the suspects and the police according to the tourists would not make an attempt to stop them. The victims then exited the police vehicle and started to chase the suspects without any luck – at which time the officers picked the two women and drove them back to their B & B.

The victim of the mugging after returning to Posada del Maple discovered her email account had been hacked while trying to cancel her credit cards. One of the employees then told them – that Mariscal is very dangerous —- The two tourists checked out and headed to Mindo.
Source – Ecuador Expatriate Forum – FACEBOOK.

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