Two Colombian members of medical mission to Ecuador, sentenced three days jail for speeding

Posted on November 7, 2012 • Filed under: Crime, Drug Activity, Latin America Health, TRAVEL

Two drivers that are part of the Medical Mission will pay three days in jail in the city of Tulcán, Ecuador, for exceeding the speed limit in that territory according to

Citizens moved to the preparatory meeting for the binational health drill to be held this Saturday at the International Bridge Rumichaca, told Caracol Radio Health Director of Nariño, Elizabeth Trujillo.

The official regretted the incident and said that apparently the drivers did not know the rules of the neighboring country, but should benefit from the law.

The penalty of three days in jail for exceeding thirty miles per hour took effect for more than four months in that nation and caused at least seventy Colombians are put in prison plus a fine of dollar. Read Article

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