Two caches of explosives belonging to FARC located in Neiva Colombia

Posted on September 17, 2012 • Filed under: Colombia, Crime, FARC, Police/Military Activity

War material belong to the Teofilo Forero Mobile Column. reported that 600 kilos of high-powered explosive ANFO, 13 fragmentation grenades, detonating cord, electric detonators, a machine gun and two automatic pistols are part of the arsenal that the police operating in two popular areas of Neiva.

The first find was in a lot located in the Portes du Soleil area, south of the capital opita, where authorities found a cache with 11 grenades and 162 IM-26 5.56 caliber cartridges that, according to the police, would be delivered to alias “My King,” guerrilla Teofilo Forero Mobile Column of the FARC terrorist responsible for coordinating and collecting extortion in Neiva, Campoalegre and Algeciras.

In a second operation, in the neighborhood Eduardo Santos, police found 600 kilos of ANFO, high explosives, 10 electric detonators, 50 meters of detonating cord, an M 60, 345 7.62 Linked cartridges, two grenades IM-26 , Pietro Beretta pistol with 10 cartridges and two 9mm suppliers. Read Article

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