Tolima Colombia: Six Armed Men Steal $250 Million in Gold from mine

Posted on February 25, 2015 • Filed under: Colombia, Crime, Latin America Mining reported six heavily armed men entered at 3:00 am on Wednesday at a gold mine located in the village of Las Animas, municipality of Santa Isabel, and stole more than 200 million pesos in gold. The mine is in charge of the company Risources Limited. (Risources Limitada) According to early reports from authorities, hooded assailants used two shotguns and a revolver, sufficient to reduce the volatile security. “After reducing to two guards, criminals came straight to the safe and torches and welding equipment company extracted gold,” said the mayor of this city, Gerardo Yepes.

Upon noticing the theft, mine officials called authorities, which conducted an operation to try to recover the metal. Amid these actions, criminals exchanged fire with the army and police.
Meanwhile, Colonel Ronald Martinez Patriots Battalion commander, said the theft was carried out by common criminals. “We presume that behind all this could be former employees, knowing the precise location of the safe, and the spot where the tools they used to smash it saved,” said the official.
Police anticipates a lock on the access routes to Santa Isabel and nearby towns to try to capture the assailants plan. Read Article

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