Things to do in Bogota Colombia

Posted on July 12, 2016 • Filed under: Colombia, Latin America Travel

To start

Begin your perfect day in Bogota trying something typical. Feel like a local and go to this lovely restaurant Pasteleria Florida on the 7th Avenue (Septima), where a lot of Colombians prefer to have breakfast with the whole family. I already told you about typical and the most delicious Colombian street food, and some of those you can actually find there. However, to try the most typical breakfast, order a tamal (rice and meats mixed with vegetables and wrapped in a banana leaf) or a bawl of caldo (simple soup made of meat on a bone and potato).

Their delicious French toasts with syrup

As for me, tamal is too greasy to swallow and caldo is amazing for a hangover morning

By the way, a weird fact about Colombian cuisine: on the same menu you can find “cheesecake” and “torta de queso” that literally means “cake made of cheese”. These guys seem to be identical, but in fact they are very different indeed. How so and why? No idea, but “torta de queso” appears to be a better option. Read Article

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