Ten top alleged crimes Bogota Colombia with false claims by victims

Posted on October 21, 2012 • Filed under: Colombia, Crime, Police/Military Activity

Eltiempo.com reported the following as reported crimes using false allegations in Bogota Colombia.

1. ‘Heist’ a bank customer: The cases identified Sijin messengers or employees of companies that steal money from their employers or the payroll of a company and report a ‘freight costs’ that never existed.

2. Items insured: Some companies have insurance policies for assets such as phones or computers, and employees commit autorrobo to get a new computer.

3. Autorrobo property: In an effort to avoid real dealings with a spouse or receivable policies, the authors of this modality secretly take their property and report to the police the alleged assault.

4. Cars for sales: Customers who leave their cars unwary on consignment in a sale, and then are scammed, go to the police to report thefts because they know that the insured did not respond ers in the first case.

5. Truckers ‘pirates’: A carjacking (theft merchandise trucked) is attributed theft invented by some drivers of these vehicles, then, with the help of criminals, sell merchandise.

6. ‘Walking millionaires’: Men are docked and delivered them in bars or whiskey bars scopolamine say they were subjected to ‘millionaires walks’ to prevent family or social scorn.

7. Tax evasion: Police known cases of owners of old cars, with the intention of not continuing to pay the tax for vehicles, auto sell in parts or as scrap and then claim that this was stolen.

8. ‘Call millionaire’: service employees have been discovered stealing valuables from the houses in which they work and make believe that they were contacted by a lawyer who asked money to avoid catching patterns.

9. Reports of sexual acts: Research has found that people who were accused of sexual abuse are still victims of a third person who, for various reasons, wanted to involve them unfairly in a process.

10. Taxi drivers ‘alive’: In order to keep the proceeds of a day, some drivers have reported fake robbery to avoid giving money to the owners of the cars. Read Article

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