Survey Says, Family and Work dominate aspects of lives for Ecuadorians

Posted on September 9, 2012 • Filed under: Ecuador, Labor Issues, Social Issues

Eluniverso reported on recent social samplings of what is important to Ecuadorians in a number of cities. Sampling was conducted in 3,960 households in five cities. The most important options in life were: work, family, religion, health, other (knowledge, friends, politics, entertainment) and none.

To Hernan Reyes, a graduate in sociology and political science professor at the Universidad Andina Simón Bolívar, the importance that the majority of respondents to the family can be, on the one hand, the traditional view of society and on the other, the migration process that has occurred in recent years and that has meant a lot of pressure on the environment. “In the process of return to the economic crisis in Europe and concerns itself be separated, there is a perception that perhaps the priority is not to elevate the quality of life ostensibly as preserve the family unit,” he says.

Sociologist Sandra Ordonez, provincial Technical Area Special Protection Institute for Children and Families (INFA), considers that the result of the survey is positive, because it allows you to have a look of the family remains the core of society, as the space of comfort, safety and security. “That is the ideal of a family, where the person can develop properly, but reality has shown us that not all families provide this guarantee and today we have young people at risk,” he says.

According to the study of INEC, for the 40.75% of men, the work is more important, followed by the family, with 35.60%. For 46.27% of women, the family is more important and as second answer is work (33.06%). Read Article

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