Social Issue Ecuador: vendors on public buses, opinion

Posted on October 6, 2012 • Filed under: Ecuador, Ecuador Trivia, Social Issues
It is a martyrdom which we must suffer urban transport users in Guayaquil.

In recent years it has increased the sales mode buses; vendors give their speeches repetitive, tiring and transport become market bargains. How intimidating and doing sneaky sales scandal and fear cause passengers. Vendors deliver candy, cookies and other goodies in the hands of each passenger and woe to anyone who does not want to catch them the product, see what awaits you!

The Ecuadorians have the right to work, but that’s no excuse to violate the peace of others. The fact that for economic reasons we are forced to use public transport, both to get to our jobs to return to our homes, there is reason to suffer so much abuse. In the bustle of our daily lives, we have to mobilize collectively and it annoying that the normal route a transmission line to climb so many and of such poor shape (clowns, singers, beggars, sellers of natural products, disc magazine , fruits, candies and cookies, etc.). Read Article

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