Quito, Ecuador: Woman Victim of “Cambiazo” at ATM Machine (Video)

Posted on February 17, 2018 • Filed under: Crime, Ecuador, Ecuador Emergency

We all at some point have had trouble with an ATM machine. You punch and prod the buttons but somehow you cannot figure out what is wrong. Someone near you offers to assist you in conducting the transaction. Words of Advice – DON’T ACCEPT THEIR HELP – You most likely are being set up for the infamous “cambiazo” modality of relieving you of your ATM card and ultimately your funds. Below is a case in the well to do area of Valle de los Chillos outside of Quito.


metroecuador.com.ecOn Facebook, a video was viralized where a woman is observed as a victim of the “cambiazo”, a type of theft in which the thugs attack the victim when he uses the ATM to make a bank transaction.

In the video you can see how 3 men and 1 woman make the card change to this lady. The first subject approaches the woman at the cashier to “help” her in her banking transaction while she manages to change her card.

After failed attempts of the lady, a second subject approaches to make a transaction and wraps the victim until he withdraws the money and leaves.

The event would have happened on Wednesday, February 14 at a cashier in the Plaza del Triangle, in the Valley of the Chillos. Read Article


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