Quito Ecuador: Kidnap express crimes up 63 percent last two years

Posted on October 12, 2012 • Filed under: Crime, Ecuador, TRAVEL

These are just two of the 1175 assaults that occur on average per month in the capital. According to the Metropolitan Public Safety Observatory, 31.8% of these crimes happen within a vehicle.
To avoid the increase in muggings and express kidnappings taxis, the City presented the “Passenger sure.” With this tool, people can know if the unit to which the rise is legal or not.
“In the taxi there from robbery to rape Macarena said Valarezo, Town Councillor. 55% of all these crimes happening in yellow cabs. ” The project was conducted with the company Dinama, which was responsible for the digital platform. “If the taxi is not legal-Valarezo said, the person is free to leave your vehicle.” Any finding of an emergency, the family may contact the police and make a complaint with the vehicle data provided in the text message. Read Article

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