Quito Ecuador: Contingency plans being prepared for possible eruption of Cotopaxi volcano

Posted on July 15, 2015 • Filed under: Ecuador, Ecuador Travel, Enviromental Issues, Weather/Climate

elcomercio.com reported Emergency Operations Committee of Quito was formed to work on prevention against a possible eruption of Cotopaxi volcano. Overall, the techniques work tables, according to the operating risks, are divided according to eight themes, according to Juan Zapata, Security Secretary of the Municipality of the city. The seventh has to do with education, culture, heritage and environment. But there are others who are responsible for other important aspects such as water distribution, health, infrastructure, comprehensive care and safety of the population, productivity, etc. The municipal official said that you should stay calm, because these actions are taken to prevent and not to alarm the residents of areas surrounding the volcano, which has an anomalous activity since April. The aim is that people are prepared to face a possible emergency. The meeting was also attended by Patricia Mothes and Mario Ruiz, technicians from the Geophysical Institute of the National Polytechnic School, who reported on the activity of the Cotopaxi. Read Article


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