Quito Ecuador: Alternatives for securing safe taxi transportation

Posted on September 4, 2013 • Filed under: Ecuador, TRAVEL

Over the past three to four years, express kidnappings have increased by 60 percent.

One system to check out the validity of the taxi is Pasajero Seguro. Sending a text to 2468 will give you the details of the cab. The cost is 28 cents. To register for this service you need to go to http://www.pasajeroseguro.com. You will register your data along with another contact person. You will then text the number of the taxi from the orange adhesive on the taxi. You and your contact person will receive a text back as to data on the taxi and any issues with that particular taxi.

Another system in Quito is on Twitter is to follow @TaxisUIO. This account is comprised of users sharing experiences with particular taxis in Quito. Read Article

Don Nadie Says – “If there is one book you should read before moving to Ecuador, this is it”

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