Peru: Most wanted fraudster detained in Colombia with fake Ecuador passport

Posted on November 14, 2014 • Filed under: Border Issues, Colombia, Crime, Ecuador, Police/Military Activity reporte that was what generated the capture in Colombia’s Rodolfo Orellana Rengifo, the man most wanted in that country for being the leader of a criminal enterprise involving 52 people, including notaries, judges, lawyers and police officers, and that it appropriated more than $100 million cheating dozens of people, falsified documents to appropriate land and properties and created a network dedicated to money laundering. The Dijin of police, in collaboration with the Prosecutor’s Office and Peruvian authorities, arrested Orellana on the morning of Thursday, in a luxurious House in the El Ingenio district, in the South of Cali. He had come to the country two months ago, after illegally crossing the border with Ecuador.

This Peruvian lawyer-related controversy started four months ago, when they began to drop important pieces of its network following massive complaints accusing them of fraud. Several of them, like the Colonel (r) Benedicto Jiménez, were trying to leave the country by spying on the authorities. The fat, as Orellana were known in the criminal network, managed to evade authorities and reach Ecuador, from where illegally passed the border to take refuge in Cali. In this city lived his ex-wife, Zunilda Ramos, a Colombian who is also investigated for his alleged links with the criminal organization. Read Article

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