Peru Health Alert: Possible Cases of EHEC Bacteria, Germany

Posted on June 11, 2011 • Filed under: Health, Latin America Travel, Peru, TRAVEL

According to Peruvian officials announced Friday that an epidemiological alert is in place for its entire health care system for a new strain of bacteria. Over 33 deaths have occurred as a result of contracting the virus in Europe. The new strand is identified as EHEC. Health centers in Peru will be checking all their patients from Europe incase of an infection. The virus causes diarrhea, severe cramps and produces a toxin that can be lethal in some cases says Dr. Luis Suarez, director of epidemiology at the Ministry of Health. Warning alerts are up in ocean ports and airports in order to check residents or foreign visitors entering Peru for the bacteria. According to the Ministry, as of now there are no cases detected in the country. Internationally, about 3,000 people have suffered from the infection in 14 countries in the last five weeks.Read Article

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