Open Source Intelligence tool for Latin America, Crowder’s Black Book Spanish Glossary

If you or your firm are involved in foreign media monitoring, analysis or open source intelligence, this tool is designed for your needs. Unless you know what you are looking for you are hampered in your efforts to locate information. Crowder’s Blackbook will provide you the terms and phrases in Spanish and continually updated to assist you in your searches. This tool is invaluable for any type of research in Spanish or for searching for media stories in Spanish. Furthermore, clients benefit from our glossary on demand feature.

CROWDER’S BLACK BOOK – SPANISH GLOSSARY, is an extraordinary research online database of Spanish terms, and phrases divided by category which has evolved as an open source intelligence tool for any topic of consideration in Spanish. While it serves the purpose of locating Spanish terms and phrases in a traditional glossary, the user will find the strength of this database is aiding the researcher with the ability to find terms/phrases for particular topics but to also use natural Spanish phrasing to locate information in open sources on the internet. The editorial staff of Crowder’s Black Book believes that not only the right term is necessary but understanding the formation or phrasing of the language is critical to research on the internet. The human editors at Crowder’s Black Book uses a series of linguistic protocols in addition to providing vocabulary by topic/category to determine what is entered into the database for the benefit of the user. Imagine being able to view the numerous ways to search “human trafficking” in Spanish The database is also designed to be intuitive in providing the user a manner in which to think or see other suggested search terms and or phrases.

CROWDER’S BLACK BOOK is described as being “robust” and “fluid”. This statement refers to the document being what we call live and truly interactive and focused on the needs of the user and to challenge the user to expand their knowledge and results . It is not a database/document which is added to once a year. The glossary is continually updated to provide the user as much information as possible. Subscribers are encouraged to suggest categories as well as terminology via the platform database.

CROWDER’S BLACK BOOK offers the user a truly interactive service of “GLOSSARY ON DEMAND”*. This unique tool will allow the user to submit through a contact form a request for categories of Spanish vocabulary to be developed. For example, you are researching the topic of “cacao production”. If Crowder’s Black Book does not have an appropriate category or vocabulary, the user fills out the request form and our staff will go to work at developing the category and the vocabulary for the topic. The user is also advised via email when the topic and or vocabulary has been established in the database. Users are also alerted each time they logon as to the last 25 terms/phrases and categories added to the database.

CROWDER’S BLACK BOOK is completely focused on assisting the user not only in locating Spanish terms and phrases for search but is designed to help the operator knowing what to look for so they can find the information. It also serves an ancillary function of helping the user not only to learn vocabulary but to acquire an understanding of the intricate operations of written Spanish language. Each entry is also automatically put into a form so if the user would like, they may run a search of the term or phrase directly from the database platform.

CROWDER’S BLACK BOOK aims to be an integral search tool for the researcher and to engage the user by offering a broad and comprehensive glossary of Spanish terms, Spanish phrases, and in obtaining superior results from internet search in seeking desired information. (CURRENT ENTRIES 2000 – DATABASE IS ADDED TO DAILY)
PHONE CONTACT: 602-789-4159

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